"Next Level" reflects the philosophy of our Training.
Whether your interest is to improve your well-being, to achieve extraordinary self defense, or a personal combination of aims--reaching the next level is available to you!

Our Training provides the Principles of Structure and Movement that lead to your dynamic growth.


Tai Chi Chuan has improved both my physical and mental well-being.  My flexibility, agility, balance, and reaction times have been enhanced by training with Mr. Lipe.
My martial arts experience has gone to a new level with a better understanding of the principles of movement and postural 
alignment... with balance at its' core.  Tai Chi Chuan training has slowed me down so I can move faster physically and mentally in all areas of my life.       - Brent A.

The major benefits of training with Master Dan have been my increased, conscientious awareness of deep breathing, correct posture, and the beautiful Yang 24 Form.  The choreographed movements are like art in motion.  I love the way I feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually when I train.           - Cecily H.