The training in is Isshinryu Karate-Jitsu.  Created by GrandMaster Tatsuo Shimabuku,  Isshinryu is a close-in striking and grappling style combat art.   Thousands of hours of training in the underlying principles of the art have produced:  control of the combative space, consistency in striking Pressure Points, and excellent applications for hand and foot movements.

This next-level training is applicable to most Chinese, Okinawan, Japanese, Philippine, and Korean martial arts.

Karate-Jitsu students learn real-world self defense applications.  The “Jitsu” designation in the name signifies that it is not sport-oriented training. The curriculum employs classical martial arts training using modern applications.    These applications for basic movements (Kihon) and the advanced movements and combinations in forms (Kata) are based on learning highly effective forms of self defense using Pressure Point Fighting (Kyusho Jitsu).  One  of the precepts of Kyusho Jitsu is to leverage average skills into extraordinary results.

The verbatim meaning of Kyusho Jitsu is Pressure Point Combat Art. It is based on classical Chinese aupuncture. The essence of Kyusho Jitsu is controlling, stunning, or incapacitating an aggressor by attacking the vital points (meridians and neural tracts) of the body.