Isshinryu Karate-Jitsu is a kata-based martial art.

“Kata is the ritualized method through which the secrets of self defense have been customarily transmitted for centuries. Each kata addresses a myriad of conceivable self defense scenarios and is more than just a long combination of techniques. Rather, each form is a unique tradition unto itself with distinct principles, strategies, and applications.The applications of the kata are intended for use in life-and-death situations and as such can be used to control, stun, or incapacitate one’s opponent when necessary.

Another equally important aspect of kata is its therapeutic use. The various movement and breathing patterns used improve blood circulation and respiratory efficiency, stimulate Ki, stretch muscles while strengthening them, strengthen bones and tendons, and massage the inner organs. Performing kata also develops coordination as one rotates the hips and utilizes torque. This in turn will improve one’s biomechanics and allow one to have optimum performance while utilizing limited energy. Through regulating the breath and synchronizing it with the expansion and contraction of muscles, one oxygenates the blood and learns how to build, contain, and release Ki.” – Bubishi