Tai Chi Chuan, with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a form of mind-body exercise based on slow, flowing, choreographed movements.  Tai Chi has been recognized for centuries in Asian cultures as a means to personal development and as an exercise program to promote mental and physical well-being.  It is often described as “Meditation in Motion”.  Recent studies done by Harvard Medical School concurred. 

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In a Special Health Report, Harvard Health Publishing did list these benefits of Tai Chi Chuan:


Improves Balance:  Of all the benefits of Tai Chi, better balance is probably the best documented in the medical literature.


Strengthens Immune System:  Natural, free, abdominal breathing is a core ingredient of Tai Chi.  This deep abdominal breathing is the primary pump for the Lymphatic System, a vital component of the immune system.


A Stronger Heart:  In multiple studies that compared Tai Chi against other types of aerobic exercise, the Tai Chi group was more likely to stick with it during the studies and even afterward.  And the more you practice, the more benefits you’ll receive.


Lessens Pain:  It helps pain conditions in a variety of ways.  It promotes better posture which helps reduce strain as well as wear and tear on joints and tissue.  It improves blood and lymph circulation.  And, it helps you to learn to move your body safely and efficiently.


A Sharper Mind:  Tai Chi can help reduce age-related cognitive decline and can even slow the progression from mild cognitive impairment to dementia.


A Happier Disposition:  Studies showed reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress, along with improvements in mood and self-efficacy.



 Developed using the Principles of Acupuncture…..the physical and mental  benefits of Tai Chi are undeniable, and, there is another aspect to Tai Chi that is just as powerful, and often overlooked.  Tai Chi Chuan translated means Grand Ultimate Fist.  Mr. Lipe teaches Tai Chi Chuan for both Wellness and Protection.  Once a student is proficient in the Yang 24 Form, they may choose to also be trained in using these same controlled movements for real-world, humane self-defense.  This training will demonstrate the Pressure Point principles behind each movement and give deeper meaning to their Tai Chi Chuan practice.


Master Instructor Dan Lipe will lead introductory outdoor sessions in

 Tai Chi Chuan beginning in early 2021.

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